Funny Interior Decor Ideas

Funny Interior Decor Ideas

In this article we will showcase some very funny interior decor furniture, ideas and articles, which you can incorporate into your living spaces and make yourself and gusts that come to your home laugh.


Funny Area Rug Decor idea

If you like funny and creative area rugs then perhaps you can purchase one of these area rugs for your home that come with two yellow pillows that look like eggs. This can add character to any room setting.


Funny Baby Coat Hanger

Although we think this coat hanger is cute and funny, perhaps some people may find it a little creepy since its baby arms and legs. Either way its a great addition to any hallway or coat closet.



Funny Chair

If you would like to have an unusual and funny chair well then have a look at this chair. Although the shoes are a little worn out it still is funny. Perhaps you can hire Love Your Leather Repair to clean these leather shoes:)



Funny Toilet Idea

This one is for the female home owners, who are tired of cleaning urine from their toilets and the bathroom floors!



Funny and creative bathroom soap dispenser.

This nose dispenser can store lots of soap or shampoo, so if you are the funny type you should buy one of these for your bathroom from an interior decor store like



Funny Door Bell Ringer

This is a great idea for anyone with a funny spirit to put on your front home door, so people that are coming can have a lough before they enter your home, and be in a laughing mood as they enter.



Funny Sumo Coffee Table

If you want a funny table with character, then this one is a great idea. Although it looks a little bit awkward, it is still funny!



Well thats it for now for our funny furniture article, we hope you enjoyed those interior decor photos, and that you come back for some more funny photos and interior decor ideas brought to you by

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