Funny Interior Decor Ideas

In this article we will showcase some very funny interior decor furniture, ideas and articles, which you can incorporate into your living spaces and make yourself and gusts that come to your home laugh.   Funny Area Rug Decor idea If you like funny and creative area rugs then perhaps you can purchase one of …Read More

Great Interior Decor Photos That Will Spice Up Your Living Space

In this article, we will show you some photos which will stimulate your creativity and hopefully inspire you to step up your interior decor creativity. Clear-See-Through Bathtub In the image below you can see a simple but incredibly stylish image of a bathtub. This is great for a couple to see each other or …Read More

Home Decor Wallpaper – Back in Style in 2014

Wallpaper used to be a very popular and a common way to decorate the walls of a home. Over time, however, they have lost their appeal probably as a result of new trends in design. Now they are quickly resurfacing as an inexpensive and easy way to customize the interior of a home. Wallpapers can …Read More

To Clip Or Not To Clip Drapery?

drapery clips

To Clip Or Not To Clip? That is the question burning in every savvy minded window treatment shopper in Canada. Well, to be honest, I’d like to show you the advantages of using a pleated drape, one in particular – the inverted pleat. This simple yet chic and classic style is timeless and when paired …Read More